About Us

Our Mantra:
To help people save time in their busy lives and give them a flexible wardrobe while maintaining comfort and fit. Easier said than done, but we understand how hard it can be when you want to stay presentable while being in total comfort. Usually one of these things take having to sacrifice the other in(Style over comfort or vice versa). So we thought about taking elements from both sides providing you the fine line in between


Valkid is a Men’s clothing brand but not limited to women clothing in the future. Just about 6 months ago, one of our pants "Lightweight Luex Jogger" started getting so much attention even though we had not put much effort into this specific product. We decided to listen to our customers and see what problem this caters to. We soon realized that this hybrid jogger was selling like hot cake not because of just the "looks", but because of the problem it was solving on top of it.  After receiving various emails and feedback in general, we realized how this need of being presentable in any given occasion while maintaining that "style" is something that will grow exponentially in the years to come. 

A lot of 9-5 corporations are becoming more relaxed in their practices and are letting workers choose how they dress and then the norm towards "work from home" is shifting peoples dressing habits and will continue to do so year over year. For example, a typical day for a person could be that they wake up late rushing to get ready for work, go in their closet and make that quick decision to get dressed and then rush to work. After work, they head out to the gym but realize they forgot their gym clothes at home but the drive to home is too long... but the clothes they are already in by Valkid are somewhat casual but will be fine enough to go to the gym, so it helps them once again (saving time in the morning and the drive back to home, most of all saving people that energy + stress)

Our clothing line aims to provide a type of apparel that can be suited for multiple occasions, kind of like a jack of all trades. Obviously, it can’t replace a business professional or just a beach day outfit, but we aim to get that fine line in between that will help the consumer pick our clothes from their wardrobe easily especially if they have a busy day because it will help them save time in deciding but will also just make it easier for them to fit in multiple types of activities without thinking too hard about their attire.

Customer satisfaction is our priority at Valkid Co, and we believe that customers should have the best quality experience and grow a unique customer to seller relationship starting from the time they first visit our website. Feel free to voice any ideas or concerns you may have for us to improve!